ZAMST Filmista Wrist

ZAMST Filmista Wrist

Product Feature

1. Precise fit to the wrist

Ultra-thin and supportive feature with F.S. Technology. A technology of combining two different polyurethane films provides high-end fit.*F.S.=Film Stability.

2. Firm and precise support to the wrist

Adjustable compression and firm support by Twin-strap.

3. Easy, one-hand fitting

One-hand fitting allowed by the Loop System. Adjustment can be easily made by simply pulling up the strap.

4. Power-Grip-Texture

Anti-migration by the fabric with the grip feature of polyurethane.

Voice from Athletes

We conducted a survey with 25 amateur athletes who play tennis, American football, badminton or golf. Athletes who have pain on wrist were preferentially selected for the survey, and the test, which requests those athletes to play with Filmista Wrist, was conducted for 3 months to evaluate performance of Filmista Wrist during their sports performance.

The survey found positive feedback on its performance. Some of the survey takers felt that Filmista Wrist fits on wrist as much as taping does, moreover, Filmista Wrist is available to adjust during playing sports.