ZAMST RK-1 Renewed as RK-1 Plus

ZAMST RK-1 Renewed as RK-1 Plus The RK-1 Plus refines comfort during running and provides a unique structure that prevents reducing support capability due to slippage, based on the spiral shape of the previous RK-1 designed to reduce the strain on the outside of the knee by spirally controlling movement of the knee. Product detail >>


Zamst announces sponsorship with Trae Young, an American pro basketball

We announced a global sponsorship agreement with Trae Young, men’s professional basketball player playing for the Atlanta Hawks. About Trae Young At 21, Young has had a successful basketball career including playing for the Oklahoma University and was the first and only player to ever lead the NCAA in both points and assists in a single season. In just his second year as a professional basketball player, he has ranked in the top 3 in points and assist during the most recent season and has become a fan favorite with his innovative and electrifying playstyle on the court. He also was a unanimous selection to the 2019 All-Rookie First Team and was voted on as a starter in the 2020 All Star Game. [Instagram] [Facebook] Trae Young can now be seen sporting the A2-DX ankle brace from Zamst. Message from Trae Young “I am excited to partner with Zamst as their braces have been an invaluable addition to my conditioning and game day routine. As a global brand ambassador for Zamst I hope to inform the importance of proper conditioning. Zamst’s braces are highly functional and comfortable, allowing me to focus on my game when I am on…


Arab Health 2020

Zamst showcased as a part of Nippon Sigmax booth at the Arab Health from January 27th to 30th Arab Health is one of the world’s largest shows for the hospital, medical devices, and services exhibition and conferences in Dubai, UAE. We attended as a part of Japan Pavilion, and had Zamst products together with our medical devices and Sigmax medical braces.



CONCEPT Aimed for a personalized comfort and fit – “Foot + craft” From experiences of supporting many athletes, we have been paying attention on the feet in order to develop sports gears that are useful for many users. In order to jump higher and move forward strongly, contact points where capture the ground and convey power are important. On the other hand, the collapse of feet can become a cause of various troubles. Like the work done by craftsmen who create fine pieces with a lot of care, we have created Footcraft insole with serious considerations to the feet. Insole for Foot Trouble Solution “Footcraft” FEATURES [Feature 1] Optimal support with selective arch type From the 3 arch types, you can choose the type best suited for your own feet. Footcraft gives you a personalized comfort and excellent fit. [Feature 2] Ideal Alignment by Windlass Mechanism Windlass Mechanism is a phenomenon in which the arch and rigidity of a foot becomes stronger by raising the toes. Design based on the Windlass Mechanism which is the natural foot movement. It properly supports the ideal foot alignment and leads the tilt of the foot to the more neutral state with less load,…

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