Frequently Asked Questions

Ankle and Achilles tendon

I occasionally get ankle inversion during running. Do I need to wear a support or not?

The supports are intended not only for recovery but also for prevention of injury. An ankle sprain occurs when you are in unexpected situations such as bumping into other people or after jumping. So, we recommend that you use the product for prevention even if you don’t get injured.
Also, it is not recommended to use a support during light exercise such as stretching.
To prevent ankle inversion, the A1 is our recommendation
If you feel too strong support by the A1, please try the A1 Short or the Filmsita Ankle, lighter level of the ankle supports. If possible, please try on some types of Zamst ankle supports at retail stores.

Can I wear the ankle support on my barefoot?

We don’t recommend that you wear the ankle support on your barefoot except for the Filmista Ankle. Most of the ankle support that we offer are supposed to wear with the socks on. Wearing the support with a barefoot may damage the skin by touching with hard parts or friction, furthermore, may not fully utilize the performance of the product due to slippage.

Can I wear the A2-DX inside my basketball shoe that I've been using?
(teenagers, male, basketball)

You can wear the A2-DX inside your basketball shoes that you've been using. You may feel uncomfortable because you are not familiar with it at first, but you can get used to it after a while. You may feel tight if you lace your shoelace as usual. Try and adjust several times.

When I wear the A2-DX, I feel pain when a hard plastic part touched to my ankle. What should I do?

As for the countermeasure for the pain, we recommend that you firmly insert your foot to the product at first.
Even if you choose the correct size, the guard will be out of position when you don't wear it correctly.
We recommend that you place it not to the exact point of pain but slightly displace and make a gap.


I have flat feet and have some pain below the ankle.

We recommend the HA-1, functional socks to support the arch, among our products rather than the supports.
Those who have flat feet tend to have strain around the heel and shin as they cannot absorb the shock when running. The HA-1 socks are made by unique knitting technique that prevents the arch and toe from being stretched and support the arch. The product helps absorb the shock when landing the ground by reducing instability on the toe.
The AS-1, another functional socks series dedicated to arch support, is recommended as well.
Shoe insoles are also recommended for flat feet. We offer the functional insole named “Footcraft”.


Can I wear any knee support on the running tights?

We don't recommend that you wear our supports on the tights as the knee products are originally designed for wearing directly on the skin. Also, wearing the product on your tights may cause slipping off depending on the texture and material of the tights and you may not get an appropriate effect. Furthermore, you might get uncomfortable or even painful when being the knees due to the thickness of the back of the knee.

Lower Back

Can I get the appropriate effect of lower back support during working time?

You may wear lower back support during working time. The assistive belt enhances the effect of abdominal pressure elevation. The back panel attached to the back of the main body provides support and enhances stability on the lower back.
Please make sure to take the product off occasionally and do some light exercises such as stretching because wearing the product for a prolonged time with the same position may cause uncomfortableness such as excessive compression, slipping off and sweat.


Am I able to use the Shoulder Wrap for both left and right of my shoulder?

Yes, you may wear the Shoulder Wrap either side of your shoulders by replacing an adjustable strap.


I have pain in the backside of the elbow when playing tennis. How can I handle it?

We assume that you might have so-called “Tennis Elbow" as you feel pain on the elbow when playing tennis. However, only doctors can diagnose, so please seek medical advice.
Tennis Elbow is mostly caused by the strain and impact from the wrist, so we recommend that you try the Elbow Band or the Wrist Band to reduce the strain on the elbow.
Also, stretching, training, and icing are effective for elbow care and highly recommended to do as well as use the support.

Wrist and Thumb

Does the Thumb Guard fit for both left and right?

Yes, the Thumb Guard can be used for both left and right, as a thermal fit guard made of thermoplastic material fits the shape of an individual's finger by molding with warm water.

Thigh, Calf and Shin

Which product is recommended for pain on the outer muscles of the calf?

It has been medically ascertained that appropriate pressure on the pain site relieve the pain when you have a pain in muscles or joints.
This fact suggests that the pain in the outer muscles of the calf may be treated by pressing on that region. The CS-1 provides compression around the calf with adjustable compression level. The Filmista Calf is also recommended for the same purpose.

Does wearing the Calf Sleeve while asleep put a strain on my heart?

The Calf Sleeve provides a graduated compression. We ask you not to use it while asleep. Using the product during asleep does not provide appropriate compression due to sagging and slippage and may prevent you from being aware circulatory deficit immediately.

I often have calf cramps during sports. Which product should I use?

Zamst Calf Sleeve is recommended.
Gradual compression weakening from the ankle to the calf helps the blood return to the heart and speeds up recovery from fatigue and other substances.
And a shortage of fluids and electrolytes may cause the calf cramp. It is recommended that you drink isotonic drink frequently.
Also please make sure to do stretching firmly before exercising.


Does wearing Calf Sleeve while sleeping place a burden on the heart?
(30s, male, marathon)

Calf Sleeve, a graduated compression stocking, we ask you not to use it at bedtime.
Use during bedtime does not provide adequate compression by sagging or shifting, and recognition of blood circulation disorders may be difficult.

Is Calf Sleeve effective for post-golf swelling?
(60s, male, golf)

Swelling of the foot is generally thought to result from weakening of the ability to return blood to the heart until the foot is in circulation, which leads to a tendency for blood to accumulate in the foot. The calf muscles are responsible for returning the blood to the heart, and graded pressures from the ankle are said to be effective in supporting this strength.
In ZAMST "Calf Sleeve, compression stockings are gradually compressed from the ankle to the calf, and the same effects are expected. The pressures for ZAMST Calf Sleeve and Calf &Ankle Sleeve are set at 30 hpa for the ankle and 21 hpa for the calf.
As for the usage scene, customers who purchase the product are asked to use the product while moving around the sport or sitting for a long time.
Thin and breathable materials are also used in the materials, so I think that they can be used comfortably in addition to sports.


Is it possible to pour hot water in the Ice Bag?

For "ice bags," the heat resistance and safety temperature of the inner polyurethane is set at 70°C. For repeated use, the temperature should be between 40°C and 50°C.
In addition, since the bag is basically an ice bag, it should be noted that using at high temperatures may reduce durability.

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