Frequently Asked Questions

Ankle and Achilles tendon

Which support is suitable for ankle protection?
(20s, male, and footsals)

If ankle stability is the goal, we recommend FA-1, which is thin and easy to fit. This product does not use plastic materials and minimizes the bulkiness of the shoes. We also use materials that are highly breathable. However, if the sprain is habitual and you want to avoid tight sprains, the product equipped with a stay, for exmple, "A1-short" is recommended. If possible, I would like to see you wear trial clothes at a nearby store and compare them.

Is it better for supports to wear on both legs or not on one leg alone?
(teens, male, volleyball)

We recommend that you wear both legs in ZAMST. The reason is that I don't know when an ankle sprain occurs, so I would like to use it for prevention. "A1-Short," "A1," "A2-DX" can be used to prevent recurrent sprains of the ankle and to prevent sprains that have never occurred. However, wearing only one leg is not a problem. Some top players actually wear only one leg. Please use the product with peace of mind.

I use supports on both knees and feet. Does it matter to wear knee and ankle supports on the same foot?
(30s, male, basketball)

You may wear supports on both knee and ankle. However, muscles of both of injured parts are getting weak. The response is slow, so you should stretch more carefully so that the muscles can be awakened before entering the exercise.
Ankle supports can suppress movement sufficiently even when they are not tight. If you tighten too tightly, you should be careful of any cause of numbness.

Inversion ankle sprain occurs when I run occasionally. Otherwise, I don't get too much injury, but do you think it's better to use supports?
(teenagers, male, handball)

Supports are worn not only when they are injured but also to prevent injuries.
Because twisting of the ankle is often unexpected after a person hits or jumps, it is advisable to wear the ankle in usual condition.
If you feel anxious about wearing, you may wear it only during a match or complex exercise that you easily get injured. If you are running, you may remove it. "A1" is our recommendation, even if it responds to inversion tortuosity or injury prevention.
If the stablization is too strong, you may use "A1 Short", a lighter product.
You can also try it in a sports shop, so if you want to see it.

I'm doing Karate in addition to the basketball. Do you have a "A1" with a bare foot?
(30s, male, basketball)

For ankle supports, including "A1", we do not recommend you use with bare feet because they are designed to wear the socks on. Wearing bare feet can damage the skin, especially if the fit feels are loose with hard parts and rubbing with the product. As a result, the product may not be able to achieve its original stablization power.

Can you wear the A2-DX inside my basketball shoe that I've been using?
(teenagers, male, basketball)

You can wear the A2-DX inside your basketball shoes that you've been using. You may feel uncomfortable because you are not familiar with it at first, but you can use it without problems. You may feel tight if you lace your shoelace as usual. Try and adjust several times.

When I wear A2-DX, I feel pain when a hard plastic part touched to my ankle. What should I do?
(20s, women, volleyball)

As for the countermeasure for the pain, we recommend that you firmly insert your foot to the product at first.
Even if you choose the correct size, the guard will be out of position when you don't apply the product correctly.
When applying the accompanying cushion (soft spacer), we recommend that you place it not to the exact point of pain but slightly displace and make a gap.


The foot is very flat, and the area under the ankle is painful.
(30s, female, running)

For flat feet, we recommend HA-1, a sock that supports the arch, rather than the supports.
For flat feet, shocks cannot be absorbed with the soles of the feet, such as when running, and stress on the heel and shin is likely to be painful.
"HA-1" is designed to help people absorb the shock of landing by supporting the arch and heel portions of the arch, and by reducing heel looseness.
It is also said that insoles and other products are good, although we do not have to do so with our products.
Recently, some sports shops are designed to produce custom-made insoles by measuring them.
How about consulting once?


Is it better to place the support on the tight?
(30s, female marathon)

Basically we assume that the supports are worn directly to the skin.
You don't have to wear it on the tight, but some materials may cause the support to shift.
If possible, try it in advance, because you can't get the desired effect.

Can I use it in contact sports?

As the stays on the sides of the ZK-3 and ZK-7 are made of resin, you may use the supports for contact sports that come into close contact with the other players. However, we hear that the rules for use in official games vary according to the convention and judgment. We recommend that you check with the meeting headquarters in advance. (Use in practice is not a problem at all. Please use the product with peace of mind.)

Is it suitable for snowboard knee injury prevention?
(20s, female snowboard)

If you have never been injured and you are going to wear supports for prevention, we recommend the ZK-3, which holds the entire knee and functions to reduce lateral loosening.
The ZK series is recommended for Winter sports, which often injure the ligaments of the knee. If you want to do this, we hope that you will go once to the retail stores for a trial.

Do you have only black products?
(30s, male, tennis and snowboard)

The color of the ZK series is only black.

I do mogul skiing. Does the ZK-7 interrupt my knees?
(30s, males, mogul)

Not only "ZK-7" but also other ZAMST products are designed to be used during playing sports.
Our products are widely used by many skiers. In addition, it is often used in various sports with intense movements, such as basketball.

I was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter's disease, which supports are good for me?
(30s, female)

ZAMST JK-1 may be used for Osgood Schlatter's disease.
The PT pad attached to the support is designed to reduce pain. However, as the product is not intended to cure but simply reduce symptoms, we recommend that you consult with your physician if the pain remains. It can also be used in football games. No hard material, such as metal, is used on the main body, so contact play does not harm the other person or oneself.

I am looking at the use of patellar ligamentitis during convalescence. Which support should I use?
(20s, male, mountain bike)

Patellar ligament inflammation is a disorder in which the patellar ligament and quadriceps muscle attachments are inflamed by repeated jumping.
To reduce the burden on the patellar ligament, it is said to be effective to compress the patellar ligament and the thigh to relieve the pain caused by overuse of the ligament.
(For example, cuts cut with a cutter are painful when the wound is opened, but the pain is relieved by pressing the wound with the hand. Such an image) The support for these functions is ZAMST "JK-2" in our product. If you are interested, we hope that you will wear them in a nearby store to try it on.

Do you have any problems with wearing knee and ankle supports on the same foot? (30s, male, basketball)?
(20s, female, volleyball)

You may wear supports on both knee and ankle.
However, muscles of both of injured parts are getting weak. The response is slow, so you should stretch more carefully so that the muscles can be awakened before entering the exercise.
Ankle supports can suppress movement sufficiently even when they are not tight. If you tighten too tightly, you should be careful of any cause of numbness.

He had iliotibial band syndrome about half a year ago. Which product is best to prevent recurrence?
(30s, male, marathon)

Because iliotibial band syndrome itself is caused primarily by overuse, stressful movements must be restricted to prevent recurrences. The recommendation is RK-1, and a strap is used to suppress the movement of the lower knee that is twisted inward. If you are interested, I hope that you will visit the store to try it on. Supporters, however, reduce the burden on the knee but do not resolve the underlying cause.
Iliotibial band syndrome is caused by a variety of balances, including roads to run, shoe form, and ankle-to-hip joint, and it is worthwhile to review such balances, stretching before and after exercise, and icing after exercise.

What products are best for me? I prefer moderate compression and heat insulation rather than stabilization.

EK-1 and EK-3 are recommended for marathon competition and appropriate compression support. In addition to moderate compression, the length of the support is shorter, so I think you can use it without interfering with your movement. However, ZAMST supporters have been developed for use in sports. Therefore, we use materials that are easy to breathe and are resistant to steaming. For this reason, we do not have any heat insulation function.
Regretting our inability to comply with your thoughtful request.

What are the differences in the effects and functions of ZK-3 and EK-3?
(20s, male, baseball)

As for the differences between ZK-3 and EK-3, ZK-3 provides support for the collateral ligaments on the knee side. The full length of the product is long, and the flexibility of ZK-3 is tightly controlled with the resin stage on the side to support the collateral ligaments on the knee side.
The thighs are also threaded and fit to provide firm pressure.
"EK-3" is shorter than "ZK-3" and has less support, but it is fully open and easier to remove and adjust. Of course, the length is shorter therefore weight is lighter.
As a guide, if you had a diagnosis of ligament pain in the past, "ZK-3" is recommended. But if you have never diagnosed, "EK-3" would be sufficient.

Lower Back

Does wearing a lower back support while at work have any effect?
(20s, male, karate)

I'm going to use the lower back support, but I'm going to use it for anything other than exercise.
Wearing supports to increase pressure in the abdomen can help stabilize the abdomen and reduce the burden on the muscles that maintain a long posture.
However, the burden can accumulate if it gets longer even if it gets lighter, so if you have a rest time, you should remove the support and perform gentle flexible exercises.

When riding an airplane, does "ZW-5" react to a metal detector?
(50s, male, badminton)

No metal components, including the built-in station, are used for ZW-5, so it is considered that the device will not be worn. Please use the product with peace of mind.

Which products are better for preventing the back?
(40s, male, ski and bicycle)

As for the ZW Series of lower back supports, the mechanism of approach to the lower back is the same, with the purpose of stabilizing the backside of the lower back by pressing the backside of the lower back and applying pressure. This is the main line-up due to the difference in fixation force.
If you are sitting down, you need to support not only the pelvis but also the entire lower back.
The higher the fixation force, the stronger the force that limits motion, so please try and wear a trial if possible and choose a fixed force.
(First, I recommend that you try ZW-5 to compare the fixation forces.)
Supports do not resolve the underlying cause, even if they are used for support or prevention. Stretching, strength training, and other exercises are also important to build a body that is not likely to sit upright.

I have mild disc herniation. Which product should I use, ZW-5 or ZW-7?
(40s, males, golf)

As I'm looking at the lower back supporters, both ZW-5 and ZW-7 have the same function of supporting the lower back by suppressing retroflexion of the lower back, which is likely to cause pain, and by increasing abdominal pressure.
"ZW-7" is longer and has more support than ZW-7 because of its longer length and greater number of struts, which makes it harder to move. You prefer the pain and difficulty in moving, so if possible, you would like to wear both products on a trial basis and compare them over the counter.


Can I use the Shoulder Wrap even though I am woman?
(30s, female, volleyball)

The Shoulder Wrap is designed to wear both male and female. It can be used by women as far as possible, so that it does not interfere with the chest. Select the size at the base of the arm in consideration of fitting.
If possible, we recommend that you try and wear them in the store.

I feel tired on my shoulder when I play golf. Do you have any good product to use?
(40s, male, golf)

We have a product for shoulder, named "Shoulder Wrap".
The entire shoulder may be compressed, so the shoulder may be vigorously shaken with a brake to prevent strong shoulder impact.
Of course, the pressure and movement are restricted, so if possible, I hope that you will be able to wear trial clothes in your store and consider them before buying it.

Can Shoulder Wrap be used on either side?
(30s, male, baseball)

As for Shoulder Wrap, straps can be used for left and right shoulders.
The purpose of this product is to reduce the sudden burden on the shoulder by compressing the entire shoulder and by utilizing its elasticity.
The shoulder joint has a large lateral muscle and a complex internal structure with many fine muscles. Similar movements during training may cause similar pain each time.
Because the supports themselves are not intended to be cured, we recommend that you consult a doctor once to identify the cause.


It is painful when the back of the elbow is extended with tennis (30s, male, tennis)?

Pain in the lateral side of the elbow with tennis may be the so-called "backhand tennis elbow," but the diagnosis may be made without a doctor who actually looked at the symptoms.
We recommend that you visit the nearby orthopaedic department once.
The backhand tennis elbow is often caused by movement or impact from the wrist, so Elbow Band and Wrist Band are recommended to reduce the burden.
Prevention by stretch-training and icing care are also helpful.

Wrist and Thumb

Can "Wrist Wrap" be used for both right and left?
(20s, female, tennis)

For Wrist Wrap, you can wear both wrists.
The thumb is looped to wrap around either the back of the hand or the palm, so there is no difference in support between the right and left sides.

Which of the following is better at protecting the wrist: "Wrist Wrap" or "Wrist Band"?
(50s, female, tennis)

As for wrist protection, Wrist Band and Wrist Wrap are both wrist protection supports.
"Wrist Band" is securely fixed with non-stretchable materials, whereas "Wrist Wrap" is felt to be compressed with stretching materials.
Support level of Wrist Band is higher.
If possible, I hope that you can try and compare both at sports shops and other venues.

Can "Thumb Guard" be used for both right and left?
(teens, male, baseball)

"Thumb Guard" uses a guard made of resin and is designed to fit either hand because it is softened with hot water and then molded.

Thigh, Calf and Shin

Are "TS-1" effective in muscle strain on the back of the thigh?
(20s, male, soccer)

For TS-1, it can also be used on the back of the thigh.
The doctor applies a wide area of pressure to the painful area of the hamstring. Please use the product with peace of mind.

Which supports are best for pain in the muscles outside the calf?
(teenagers, male, basketball)

It has been medically confirmed that when a muscle or joint is painful, moderate pressure on the area may relieve the pain.
This suggests that the pain in the muscles outside the calf can be treated by pressing on this area.
If you wear CS-1, a ZAMST product that puts pressure on the calf surroundings, your pain may be relieved. This "CS-1" can also adjust the compression force, thus providing you with the desired compression force.


Are children's products for elementary school students or can they be used by junior high school students?
(teens, male, baseball)

The ZAMST Lineup for Children is designed with the standard shape of the fourth or sixth graders in elementary school.
Even junior high school students who have a small body can use it, but they may not be as large as a person who grows rapidly.
In this case, use the product for general use.

A 10-year-old child of mine often develops a right ankle sprain. The support level of the product for children seems to be light, so can my son use the product "A1" for adults?
(40s, female, soccer)

Although ankle sprains are common in soccer, I hope you will be careful about your physical care so that you can continue playing for a long time without getting seriously injured.
The products for children, the support level is light. In terms of support, the order of support level is A1>A1-Short>Child>FA-1.
However, it is easier to use children because it is designed to match the skeleton of the children's generation, which is different from that of adults.
The reason why we set only light support level for children is that it is important for children, who have not yet been fully growing up, to build firm bodies to prevent from getting injured, rather than forcibly stabilizing and continue playing.
If possible, I hope that you can try and compare both at sports shops and other venues.


I often have a cramp in my calf during playing futsal. Which product should I use?
(30s, female, futsal)

ZAMST Calf Sleeve is recommended.
Gradual compression weakening from the ankle to the calf helps the blood return to the heart and speeds up the breakdown of fatigue and other substances.
A shortage of fluids and electrolytes may cause the calf cramp.
It is recommended that you drink isotonic drink frequently.
Make sure to do stretching firmly before exercising.

Does wearing Calf Sleeve while sleeping place a burden on the heart?
(30s, male, marathon)

Calf Sleeve, a graduated compression stocking, we ask you not to use it at bedtime.
Use during bedtime does not provide adequate compression by sagging or shifting, and recognition of blood circulation disorders may be difficult.

Is Calf Sleeve effective for post-golf swelling?
(60s, male, golf)

Swelling of the foot is generally thought to result from weakening of the ability to return blood to the heart until the foot is in circulation, which leads to a tendency for blood to accumulate in the foot. The calf muscles are responsible for returning the blood to the heart, and graded pressures from the ankle are said to be effective in supporting this strength.
In ZAMST "Calf Sleeve, compression stockings are gradually compressed from the ankle to the calf, and the same effects are expected. The pressures for ZAMST Calf Sleeve and Calf &Ankle Sleeve are set at 30 hpa for the ankle and 21 hpa for the calf.
As for the usage scene, customers who purchase the product are asked to use the product while moving around the sport or sitting for a long time.
Thin and breathable materials are also used in the materials, so I think that they can be used comfortably in addition to sports.


Is it possible to use hot water in the winter as a hot water bottle?
(teens, male, baseball)

For "ice bags," the heat resistance and safety temperature of the inner polyurethane is set at 70°C. For repeated use, the temperature should be between 40°C and 50°C.
In addition, since the bag is basically an ice bag, it should be noted that using at high temperatures may reduce durability.


Do you have any support to stabilize my nose after it has broken?
(teenagers, male, handball)

Sorry, ZAMST does not have any support to secure the nose. In addition, ZAMST does not offer supports that meet the needs of individual customers.
Often, nose stabilization devices are often made by prosthetists.
We recommend that you consult with an orthopaedic surgeon first, and then you may ask the prosthetist to make your own device.

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